Anna Tikhomirova and Artem Ovcharenko for Vogue Russia

Photo © Marian Sell

Anonymous asked:
Can you post pics where you do stretching?

um idk that’s kinda awkward, but I do have some old ones in my tagged/me


lol my gross feet

if you dont want them, then you can just give em to me


No matter how much you think you’ve improved, your crazy Russian teacher will make sure you know you’re still shit.

where is the lie


here, have this poorly edited montage of my black swan torture sesh

the step I’m clearly obsessed with is from the variation that I’m not even cast to do, I just like that variation………

YASSS RYAN YOU BETTA WERK DEM SOMOVA ARMS and omg you were on your leg in the beginning, Tamara Rojo would be so proud

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